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Founder Milo McMahon fishing in the Rockies.

Who We Are & Why We Do What We Do

We are a team of outdoor enthusiasts and digital marketing experts who are on a mission to help as many people as possible enjoy the great outdoors. We do this by helping eCommerce brands in the Outdoor Recreation space grow through Facebook & Instagram Ads, and more.

We know from experience that the right equipment can make or break a camping trip. It can be the difference between crying yourself to sleep in your soaking wet sleeping bag, or feeling empowered by your ability to smile in the face of whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

As a treeplanter in Northern Canada for a decade, I planted over 2 million trees and spent a combined 50 months living in a tent in the wilderness. High quality equipment was what allowed me to both make money AND enjoy myself in the outdoors, no matter the weather.

As an avid fisherman, I know the impact that having the right equipment can have on a trip, whether I’m jigging for walleye in Lake of the Woods or fly-fishing a glacial stream in the Rockies.

My appreciation of the outdoors began at a young age. At 10, I was sent off to summer camp for the first time and never looked back. At 16, I went on a 42-day canoe trip through one of the most remote stretches of Canada’s wilderness.

The one constant throughout these experiences was the critical role that great equipment had on the quality of time spent in the outdoors, and the memories made as a result.

These days, too many of us are stuck behind computer screens all day and never get the chance to experience the beautiful nature that exists beyond the city limits. In addition to getting more people outdoors by helping wonderful outdoor equipment companies find new customers on Facebook & Instagram, we’re also extremely proud of our Kids to Camp Program.

For every 12 months that a client is partnered with us, we’ll use a portion of our fees to send a child from an underprivileged community to summer camp. It’s our way of helping to preserve the wonderful culture we all know and love, and perhaps change someone’s life in the process.

The day I planted my 2 millionth tree.

What We Do

We are a team of experts who specialize in Facebook & Instagram Advertising, Shopify Store Conversion Rate Optimization and Email Sequencing for Outdoor Equipment Brands.

What does that mean in English?


1) Drive more traffic to your store through Facebook & Instagram Ads

2) Convert them into customers through Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization

3) Increase the Average Lifetime Value of each of your existing customers through email nurturing and new product launch campaigns.

How Do I Learn More?

We are excited to be able to help as many Shopify store owners operating in the Outdoor Equipment space as possible, but unfortunately, we can’t help everyone.

Some stores aren’t quite ready for our service or just aren’t the right fit.

The best way to move forward is for you to fill out our intake form and book a strategy call with us. It’ll be a chance for us to jump on a Zoom call, get to know each other a little better, and determine if your store is the right fit for us. Click the button below to get started. Looking forward to hearing about your business!