When the owner of Jigalode (an American fishing apparel company) came to us, he was wearing all the hats in his business. Product design, marketing, mopping the floors… he did it all.

Folks liked what he was selling. He had built a great community on social media, but beyond a free giveaway or email blast, it seemed impossible to figure out how to grow revenues sustainably and profitably.

Without the expertise to establish a comprehensive suite of eCommerce growth strategies, money was flying out the window. Previous ad campaigns showed high levels of spend with little to no return on investment.

It was time to bring on a partner who could help him scale his business faster and more profitably than he could ever do himself. That’s where the eCommerce Growth Team at Outdoor eCommerce came in.

Our Goals

  • Drive new, high-quality prospects to the client’s Shopify store each and every day.
  • Build revenue in a consistent and profitable manner, allowing the owner to focus on other aspects of the business.
  • Analyze behaviours across all platforms to make sure no money was being left on the table.

The Results

In the first 60 days of our partnership, we were able to grow Jigalode’s revenues 9x compared to the same period last year.

Want Results Like These?

If you are…

  • an outdoor recreation, sports, or apparel brand looking to increase online sales
  • are tired of wearing all the hats in your business, working 100 hour weeks, and burning cash on unprofitable campaigns
  • managing a team of disjointed contractors and wishing you had all your marketing efforts under one roof
  • are ready to make the investment to scale your Shopify store to $100k+ per month in revenue…

…then you may be suitable to partner with the team at Outdoor eCommerce.

To apply to work with us, fill out our brief questionnaire and, if you’re the right fit, you’ll be given an opportunity to book a free, no-obligation strategy call with us to discuss your plans for eCommerce growth!

Dropshippers do not qualify for our service. We only help brands that design and manufacture their own products. Dropshippers need not apply.

Jigalode founder Damian Fernandez describes how he grew his business by working with the Outdoor eCommerce team.

Your Path to eCommerce Growth Starts Here!

Experience has taught us that a comprehensive approach to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and email marketing is the most powerful strategy to scale your eCommerce store today. To do this properly, you could hire:

– A full-time copywriter
– A full-time media buyer
– An in-house creative team
– A full-time brand & social media strategist

Or you could get BETTER results FASTER by partnering with us!

Our Process

We help eCommerce stores in the Outdoor Recreation space grow their revenues consistently and profitably. We do this by focusing on 4 main pillars.

1) Facebook™️ & Instagram™️


With the most powerful AI system in the world, the fine folks at Facebook have done a great job of figuring out how to get the right message in front of the right prospect at the right time. Heck, it brought you here, didn’t it?

We use the same methodology to find your highest-value prospects, drive them to your store and retarget them in the right ways to profitably convert them into customers.

2) Google™️ Advertising

Becoming a multi-million dollar eCommerce business requires more than just a highly-converting store. You must drive traffic to your website by optimizing data flow and search results.

We optimize how Google’s powerful AI system receives and processes your product data to ensure the right products get in front of the right customers while they’re actively searching for their next purchase.

3) Email Marketing

The best eCommerce stores out there are generating up to 30% of their revenues from email marketing efforts.

We integrate your online store with Klaviyo and use Welcome, Abandoned Cart, Product Launch and other flows to make sure you’re converting new customers and increasing their Lifetime Value.

The day our founder, Milo, planted his 2 millionth tree.

Who We Are

We are a team of digital marketing experts who are enthusiastic about the outdoors. We’re led by Milo McMahon, a former tree-planter and storyteller who shifted focus in 2016 to building brands, and has since helped multiple businesses worldwide scale their revenues beyond the million dollar mark, giving business owners more time to do the things they love.

How Do I Learn More?

We are excited to be able to help as many Shopify store owners operating in the outdoor recreation space as possible, but unfortunately, we can’t help everyone.

Some stores aren’t quite ready for our service or just aren’t the right fit.

The best way to move forward is for you to fill out our intake form and, if you’re a good fit, you’ll be given the opportunity to book a strategy call with us. It’ll be a chance for us to jump on a Zoom call, get to know each other a little better, and determine if your store is the right fit for us. Click the button below to get started. We look forward to hearing about your business!