How we grew revenue 5x for an outdoor brand
How we grew revenue 5x for an outdoor brand

How we grew revenues by 5x for an outdoor apparel brand without sacrificing profitability

When the owners of Dixie Creek Outdoors met us:

✅ They had tried growing the brand without running any ads

✅ They had tried running online ads themselves

✅ They had already built a great brand and had excellent product/market fit

✅ They knew they had what it takes to become a national brand with enough revenue to support a larger team, but needed help pulling it all together

Unpredictable sales numbers made it difficult for the team to manage inventory and staffing levels. They knew that achieving more consistent sales would allow them to order more inventory, and bring down their cost per unit.

Retailers were stocking the brand, but the sales team had to constantly make cold introductions to try to expand their footprint. The team knew that in addition to increasing their online sales, online advertising would help more retailers discover the brand and grow their wholesale business.

The Problem

The team at Dixie Creek recognized that they needed paid advertising in order to grow, but they did not have the time, resources, or expertise to do this effectively themselves. They were interested in working with an agency they could trust to help grow their online sales while they focused on running the business. We began with an audit of their existing ad campaigns to determine if we saw the necessary elements required to grow their top-line revenue without sacrificing profitability or creating more work for the team. They had run a few ad campaigns but did not know which ones were working and which weren’t, and every attempt to scale their efforts had failed. 

So we did a free, no obligation, no-strings-attached audit and here’s what we found…

No Creative Testing In Place

While the brand had ads live on Facebook & Instagram, they weren’t sure which creative options and messaging were working best because they did not have a robust testing and scaling process in place for their ad campaigns.

Competitors Were Stealing Search Traffic

The brand had not considered the role of Google Ads in its eCommerce growth strategy and did not have any campaigns in place. Customers who were searching for Dixie Creek were being served ads for competing brands, and a significant volume of sales was being lost as a result.

Repeat Business Totally Ignored

While the team would send a promotional email every few months, there was no plan in place for how to deepen customer relationships and encourage repeat purchases via email. Thousands of dollars of profit were being left on the table every month as a result.

The Solution

We first audited their account and in that process discovered that their ad campaigns contained a random assortment of products, images, and copy. As a result, the brand did not truly understand which campaigns were profitable and which weren’t. We immediately advised that regardless of who they proceed with, they should implement a robust testing and scaling structure so that they can better understand the impact of their marketing efforts.

Further in the audit, we found that the brand had no presence on Google Ads. This was a significant opportunity, as the brand was missing out on the chance to get its products in front of high-intent users with Shopping and Search campaigns.

Additionally, a complete lack of email marketing was causing customers to buy once and then never hear from the brand again. We were keen to get them set up with both automated email sequences and regular email campaigns to help encourage repeat purchases and generate a higher average customer lifetime value for the business.

When we began working together, we implemented our full 360 Growth Program so that they could find new customers and remonetize their existing customers to significantly grow their online sales without sacrificing profitability. 

Dixie Creek Outdoors Facebook Ad

The Results

  • Top-line revenue grew 5x from $17,000/month to $85,000/month in 90 days, allowing the brand to order more inventory and bring down unit costs.
  • Blended Return on Ad Spend went from break-even to 4.4X, giving the brand the contribution margin needed to continue growing the business.
  • From airports to industry meet-ups, the brand owners started seeing folks wearing Dixie Creek apparel wherever they would go. The brand established a national presence, and the wholesale business started growing significantly as a result. The brand owners were finally able to hire staff, pull themselves out of the day-to-day operations of the business, and spend more time with their families and doing the activities they love.

In less than 90 days, we grew revenue by 5x at a 4.4x ROI and signed more wholesale contracts than the previous 2 years combined.


    5x Increase in Revenue

    Substantial growth in top-line sales allowed the brand to negotiate lower production costs per unit, and gave them the revenue needed to hire a team to carry out day-to-day operations for the business.

    4.4x Return on Ad Spend

    The newfound profitability gave the business the resources needed to reinvest and continue to grow. They now had the breathing room to develop new products that their customers will love. 

    More Time to Focus or Relax

    By implementing the 360 Growth Program, the brand owners were able to hand off all activities related to online advertising and email marketing to the team of experts at Outdoor eCommerce. While sales grew, the owners had more time to focus on the activities they enjoy and spending time with the people that matter most.

    Here are the services we provided to get Dixie Creek Outdoors these results

    Meta Advertising

    Facebook and Instagram Ads are the most effective way to find new customers. We manage your ad account entirely and provide insights and analysis to help you understand the impact your marketing efforts are having on your business.

    Google Advertising

    Whether your customers are searching for your brand, your competitors’ brands, or the category of products that you sell, it’s important to have visibility at this critical moment in the customer journey. Our Google Ads campaigns ensure your brand is present when it matters most.

    Klaviyo Email Marketing

    Whether you’re making a strong introduction to potential new customers, or announcing brand new product releases to your existing customer base, you’ll soon find our email marketing program to be one of the most profitable components of your entire marketing apparatus.

    Results like these are replicable. How do we know? Because we’ve applied our 360 Growth Program to dozens of brands and we’ve seen the results.

    We help Outdoor and apparel brands grow their online sales profitably using our 360 Growth Program so that they can get out of the day-to-day operations and focus on the things they do best.

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    We help Outdoor and apparel brands grow their online sales

    If you’ve been doing your homework, you know that online advertising combined with email marketing is the key to profitable eCommerce growth, but you probably don’t have the skills, training, or expertise in-house to make it happen.

    If you’ve ever tried growing your eCommerce store yourself before, you’ll understand exactly how complicated it really is – and that by doing it wrong you can cost yourself thousands of dollars in missed opportunities and mistakes. We let eCommerce store owners focus on what they do best by taking the whole process off their hands.

    We’ll build out your entire Meta and Google Ads ecosystem, and complement those efforts with a comprehensive email marketing strategy that will help you find new customers profitably, and bring your existing customers back to your store time and time again!

    Outdoor eCommerce Founder Milo McMahon breaks down the ethos behind the 360 Growth Program

    We’re Experts In…

    OEC Founder, Milo McMahon

    Outdoor eCommerce is a marketing agency that specializes in eCommerce growth for outdoor and apparel brands. As a team of dedicated marketing experts, we create robust marketing and advertising campaigns that help eCommerce stores grow, profitably.

    In addition to advertising and email campaign management, we excel at developing a comprehensive eCommerce growth strategy, so that you can focus on what you do best while we scale your business.

    We’ve trained with some of the world’s top digital marketers and our founder, Milo McMahon, coaches and consults for hundreds of eCommerce stores and agencies on how to achieve success selling online.

    How Do We Do It (Over And Over Again)…

    eCommerce Results for an Outdoor Brand

    We combine the right team, with the right strategy, and the right platforms

    ✓ Meta Ads to find you brand new customers

    ✓ Google Ads to convert folks who are searching for your brand, your competitors, or your category of products

    ✓ Email Marketing to keep them coming back to your store for repeat purchases

    Don’t Take Our Word For It…

    Hear It Straight From Our Clients

    Remember When We Said We Could Do It Over And Over Again?

    HawkEye Logo

    Increased Q4 revenue by 500% y/y

    This innovative outdoor accessory company had phenomenal products, but needed a team of experts to hand ads and email duties off to.

    The 360 Growth Program helped the brand produce an explosive 4th quarter, increasing revenues by over 500% year over year.

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    Revenue grown from $25k/month to $250k/month in 6 months

    This apparel brand was running ads themselves in the evening, and eCommerce sales were not keeping up with the brand’s meteoric rise in wholesale.

    With the Outdoor eCommerce team in place, they were able to grow their top line by 10X and have a massive holiday season.

    HawkEye Logo

    Online sales grew from $1,700/month to $37,000/month in 6 weeks

    This outdoor apparel brand had all the pieces in place for eCommerce success – a great brand, awesome products, and a very solid team. 

    They were spinning their wheels trying to run ads themselves, and within 6 weeks of launching their ads campaigns we were able to generate over 2,000% revenue growth and set the brand up for long-term success.

    Want results like these?

    If you own an outdoor or apparel brand, have achieved product/market fit, and have the resources and determination to grow, you could be a great fit for our 360 Growth Program.

    To get started, book a free, no-obligation call with our Partner Success Team. We’ll chat about where your business is at today, and what it’ll take to achieve your goals.

    We look forward to meeting with you!